GPHL to offer hefty discounts for ordering products via live stream

2020-06-06 11:06:08 GPHL GPHL

Guangzhou will hold the country's first live streaming festival from June 6th to 8th, during which GPHL will present products produced from its famous brands, such as Wanglaoji, Baiyunshan, Chenliji and Pangaoshou. GPHL will set up its own live streaming room in the festival's main venue, the Canton Tower.

The Group will invite live-streaming 'Key Opinion Leaders' to endorse a wide range of top-selling health products, such as Wanglaoji herbal tea, roxburgh rose juice, Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil, HWL Sanqi (Panax notoginseng) Powder and TCM sachets.

The live streaming festival is a great opportunity for consumers to snap up a bargain with products being offered at hefty discounts, bigger even than those normally seem during 'Double 11' and '618', the biggest online sales events in China. Many surprises are in store for the festival; you won't want to miss out!

GPHL chairman Li Chuyuan will put in an appearance on the live stream, sharing anecdotes about GPHL’s brands and products. Previously Mr. Li and Zhong Nanshan, China's leading respiratory scientist, promoted the health benefits of roxburgh rose products in a one-hour live broadcast, attracting over 2.58 million viewers and receiving over 8.35 million likes.

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