Guangdong issues 20 policies to boost consumption

2020-06-06 11:21:07

Guangdong rolled out a raft of measures focusing on 20 aspects of consumption, including promoting transformation and upgrade of traditional enterprises, expanding domestic sales channels for export products, and increasing imports of premium products, in order to further boost consumption and stimulate the economy.

(Photo / Nanfang Daily)

To expand domestic sales channels for export products, the measures support integrated marketing of domestic and overseas products. More efforts will made to crack down on counterfeit products and the infringement of IPR. Enterprises can build up their brand image through domestic fairs and exhibits, so as to expand ‘in country’ marketing.

To increase the import of high-end consumer goods, the measures encourage enterprises to carry out business in the special customs supervision zones, and to further promote imports through cross-border e-commerce.

Retail stores are encouraged to make use of live streams

The measures called for an exploration of new business patterns. Retail stores are encouraged to make use of live streams to promote sales. Large supermarkets, e-commerce platforms and community fresh-food chain stores are encouraged to develop online sales channels to allow a culture of ‘order online, fresh meat and vegetables delivered to your home’.

Local authorities can issue rewards to stores using this new business model. The measures also encourage stores to use unattended monitoring and non-contact delivery.

To promote transformation and upgrade of traditional enterprises, the province is also encouraging transformation of traditional businesses and large platforms into new consumption carriers which are multifunctional, integrated, as well as adopting multiple business structures.

Businesses can prolong opening hours

Many of the measures are expected to boost the so-called ‘nighttime economy’. For example, cities with a certain pre-existing nighttime economic model are encouraged to build or renovate some bar streets, coffee streets and restaurant streets, creating a new kind of economic demonstration unit.

In addition, businesses are encouraged to introduce various forms of night tourism, combining culture, sightseeing and entertainment. The province is trying to extend viable business hours, increase the number of 24-hour convenience stores and open some scenic spots at night, offering nighttime performances to tourists.

At present, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are developing into international consumption-based cities. By implementing measures such as building international brand clusters and setting up more duty-free stores, Guangdong will fuel nighttime economy in the cities with good developmental foundations and great consuming potential, turning more cities into consumption-based cities with great international influence.

Authors: Will, Zoey

Editor: Simon