GPHL chairman's handprint and oral history interview to be stored at the Guangzhou National Archives

2020-06-11 17:06:34 GPHL GPHL

On the morning of June 9th, the International Archives Day, an activity for transferring the handprints of heroes battling COVID-19 was held at the No. 2 Building of the Guangzhou National Archives.

As a representative of businesses, GPHL chairman Li Chuyuan was invited to leave his handprint and attend an oral history interview about GPHL's battle against COVID-19. Li's handprint and the audio and video of his oral history interview will later be stored at the Guangzhou National Archives (GNA) permanently.

The handprints of over 100 Guangzhou medics who supported the epidemic fight in Hubei, China, including that of Chinese respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan, have been transferred to the GNA. During the activity, 2,484 handprints of Guangdong medics were collected, 2,384 of which have already been delivered to the GNA. These precious handprints will be stored at the GNA permanently as the evidence of China's response to the pandemic. An exhibition on Guangzhou's fight against COVID-19 will be open to the public, telling people the stories behind these handprints.

Handprint No. 1 from Zhong Nanshan

Li Chuyuan delivers a speech.

Feng Qiuhang, head of the GNA, delivers a speech.

Luo Yifeng, deputy leader of medical assistance team to support Hubei and deputy head of PCCM, The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, gives an address.

Huang Zhuojian, executive deputy editor-in-chief of Guangzhou Daily, gives an address.

In this war against coronavirus, GPHL fought together with medical staff on the frontlines by maintaining the production, storage and supply of drugs and related materials.

In addition to providing frontline medics with sufficient supplies, GPHL did its upmost to take care of their health and safety. For instance, the group donated protective materials and drugs to Guangdong medical assistance teams in Hubei, and offered Chloroquine Phosphate Tablets for free, to support clinical trials. GPHL also worked with the Guangdong Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine to develop a herbal remedy for flu, and 50,000 bags of this herbal tea were donated to TCM teams in Wuhan and Leishenshan Hospital. GPHL visited the families of Guangdong medical assistance teams in Hubei and gave them protective materials for free.

Since the Spring Festival of 2020, over 5,000 staff members of GPHL have been working on the frontline to guarantee an inventory of over 100 million protective items and run Suikang miniprogram smoothly to provide 14 million people with more than 230 million masks. Production of Chloroquine Phosphate Tablets was resumed within two weeks. So far over 3 million Chloroquine Phosphate Tablets have been produced and met the demand of around 80,000 patients. Moreover, GPHL made donations worldwide. Since COVID-19's spread around the world, the group has donated more than 20 million RMB worth of drugs and other supplies at home and abroad.


Photo of guests

Li Chuyuan's handprint is collected on site.

Oral history interview with Li Chuyuan

Li Chuyuan gives his handprint to the GNA.

Li Chuyuan receives a certificate of appreciation.

Li Chuyuan's handprint (above) and certificate of appreciation (below)

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Editors: Jerry, Olivia